When the winter storm rages and the temperature falls well below freezing point, what is better than  to light up the fireplace and some candles, crawl under a large cosy blanket and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a book, or make some gløgg and  watch your favorite movie, while listening  to the weather outside. This is what we define as HYGGE. This is the Scandinavian way of surviving the winter months, but yet enjoying life so far north.


The Danes 'create' Hygge when enjoying their cinamon buns, relaxing on a couch, while the Norwegians experience Hygge best when in an old log cabin made of full timber walls and a large fireplace. located in the snowy mountains of Norway. But it's possible to get into this mood almost everywhere. People across the world are now discovering Hygge.  This page connects our different social media sites, where our YouTube videos are the main focus.